jimmyfungus: Ariana Grande’s anti-American remarks in a donut shop have unleashed quite a rumpus…Not to mention that she was guilty of some other unseemly behavior…. such as licking all the donuts in the shop with her new boyfriend…As well as swearing at the donut shop workers…Supposedly, this anti-American, anti-donut tirade was provoked because the donuts offered to Ariana by the donut shop workers were “disgusting”…Welp, you can watch all the horrifying footage right here…American patriot Wilford Fungus was so disturbed by all of this, it took nearly 12 hours of meditating and listening to Neil Diamond’s “COMING TO AMERICA” on autoplay for him to recover…So what do YOU think… is this the end of Ariana Grande…or simply the end of America?

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